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About Us


Mooseclumps is a labor of love. As parents, we all need a break in our day. But we also want our kids to feel engaged and empowered by the media we allow them to consume. Back in 2017, my best friend Chase and I were having a hard time finding fun, educational YouTube videos that held our kids' attention without turning them into drooling zombies. So we decided to combine forces and create our very own channel!

Our mission statement. With your support, we pledge to create smart, interactive content that truly entertains your children. Through these videos, our goal is to help kids of all ages become more creative, inquisitive, and kind to each other - one song at a time. And we'll do everything in our power not to drive parents and teachers crazy along the way.

Thank you so much for your support. As of right now, this is a 100% "in our spare time" kind of deal. We absolutely cannot make this work without your help. So, please consider heading over to Our Patreon to help us continue to make these videos. You rock.